eTrac Carrier Partner Handbook

Let them know you’re connected!

By letting shippers know you’re eTrac connected, they’ll know they can avoid the hassle of manual integrations, moving operational systems, and losing important information, giving you a competitive edge during the sales process.

Your company will also be able to avoid the struggle of connecting your operational system to theirs via API, EDI, or many other file formats. eTrac handles all of this for you.

Add it to your website

Here are a few things you can add about your Partnership to your website and marketing materials. You’re welcome to edit and customize the below text so that they better fit your brand.

We are now eTrac connected! eTrac is a single point of integration that seamlessly connects final mile carriers and shippers.This allows all of our customers to enjoy complete final mile visibility. Because of eTrac, our customers can enjoy a seamless integration process, simple ordering, and real time updates on their orders. You can learn more at

Have more questions on what to say? We’re here to help! Email your questions to

eTrac Connected Badges

You are welcome to add any of these badges to your website to show you are eTrac Connected. Only members of the eTrac Carrier Partner Program have permission to use these badges.

eTrac Carrier Partner Badges are below, and available to download.

Shipper & 3PL introductions

eTrac is not a broker, reseller or load board. We do not charge carriers to join the Carrier Partner Program; to make introductions; or involve ourselves in contract negotiations. The goal of eTrac is to build long term relationships between final mile carriers and 3PL’s/shippers. The opportunities presented to our Carrier Partners are typically not short-term or one-off jobs.
When one of eTrac’s shipper clients requests new final mile carriers, the eTrac team is committed to remaining non-partisan. 
After filtering the carriers by the required services and service areas, an email is sent out to all who can fulfill the shipper or 3PL’s needs. 
The email will contain information provided by the shipper/3PL about the work and its requirements. At the bottom of the email, will be a button that says “I’m interested!” Once selecting that button, you will be redirected to the eTrac website. Here, if required by the shipper/3PL, you will be asked to provide more information.
After 24 hours, all information is sent to our client. Once they’ve reviewed and selected who they would like to work with, the eTrac team will set up introductory calls. 

Updating your information

As we are making connections between shippers/3PL’s and carriers daily, it is important to keep your information up to date. If you need to update your information, including the correct contact person at your company, please complete this form or email

eTrac Dispatch & Mobile Application

We know how important it is to provide shippers with all the data they require. That’s why if a shipper wants to connect to you through eTrac, and you either don’t have a system or the system is not able to be integrated, we will provide you a dispatch and mobile application for free. This system will connect directly to that shipper/3PL and manage all of your communications for them.

eTrac dispatch includes:

  • Dispatch functionality to allow dispatch of a single stop or a route to a specific driver
  • Routes can be pre-determined by zip code and pre-assigned to a driver
  • Dispatchers can review pre-assigned routes and make adjustments as needed for the day’s operation
  • Stops and routes are plotted on a map to allow visual review of the work to be completed
  • Complete job details including special instructions and notes are sent to the driver’s mobile device
  • Appointment scheduling functions to allow recording of calls to receiver, attempts, changes in appointment times, etc.
  • Complete data communication with the eTrac platform
  • Tracking tools for admin staff, including the ability to see where a stop was updated or completed in comparison with the actual location where it should have taken place. If a driver completes a job before arriving at the final destination, you’ll see it.
  • A browser-based system accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Dispatch can be done on a laptop or desktop computer and also on a tablet or phone.
  • Dispatch application can be run on PC or Mac using Google Chrome browser.
  • Implementation, training and support from the best Customer Care group in the industry.

eTrac’s driver mobile application includes:

  • Available for both Android and iOS users
  • Drivers can bring their own devices or the carrier can choose to provide a device for their drivers
  • Complete job information is sent to the driver’s phone and allows status updates and signature capture to be sent back to the shipper, LTL, 3PL or Freight Forwarder through the eTrac platform.
  • Special instructions or notes that are pertinent to completing the transportation move are sent directly to the device.
  • Barcode scanning technology is also available if the business partner requires item level detail scanning.  The scanning process can be audited against an ASN (Advanced Shipment Notification) data file, or it can be used as an unaudited process.  

Scanning statuses include:

  • Receive scan:  A scan done when the package is received by the carrier.
  • Load scan: The scan completed as the driver loads his truck.  If an incorrect item is loaded, the device issues a warning tone to show the item does not belong on this vehicle.
  • Delivery Scan:  A delivery scan is done at the point of completion of the transportation move.
  • Signature capture is available for both pickups and deliveries.
  • Drivers can enter delay codes or exception codes to record issues that need to be passed back to Dispatch.
  • Map review of an address and turn by turn driving directions are possible at the touch of a button in the app.
  • Intuitive screens prompt the driver with customized workflows based on the customer’s requirements and eliminate the need to “remember” how to complete specific customer tasks.

Do you have a client that wants to use eTrac?

When a shipper wants to save time and money by using eTrac for your integration, please have them contact eTrac. They can reach us at 833-463-8722.

Additional Questions?

Our team is always available to help! You can email or call 833-463-8722.

We’re so glad to have you on our team!


You are welcome to add any of these badges to your website to show you are eTrac Connected. Only members of the eTrac Carrier Partner Program have permission to use these badges. Download one of the below badges to add to your website and marketing materials.

Click download, under the badge you would like to use. Black boxes are for contrast and are not part of the transparent sticker file.


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