eTrac Dispatch

With eTrac, all of your final mile carriers can stay on the operational system they love.

If they don’t have a system, eTrac will provide them one. A carrier’s lack of technology will no longer influence your supply chain visibility. By providing carriers who need a system with a dispatch platform and driver mobile application, you can guarantee 100% carrier compliance and complete supply chain visibility.

The eTrac dispatch system is free to final mile carriers, and:

  • Allows dispatch of a single stop or a route to a specific driver
  • Routes can be pre-determined by zip code and pre-assigned to a driver
  • Dispatchers can review pre-assigned routes and make adjustments as needed for the day’s operation
  • Stops and routes are plotted on a map to allow visual review of the work to be completed
  • Complete job details including special instructions and notes are sent to the driver’s mobile device
  • Appointment scheduling functions to allow recording of calls to recipient, attempts, changes in appointment times, etc.
  • Complete data communication with the eTrac platform
  • Tracking tools for admin staff, including the ability to see where a stop was updated or completed in comparison with the actual location where it should have taken place. If a driver completes a job before arriving at the final destination, you’ll see it
  • A browser-based system accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Dispatch can be done on a laptop or desktop computer and also on a tablet or phone
  • Dispatch application can be run on PC or Mac using Google Chrome browser
  • Implementation, training and support for eTrac dispatch is provided by the best Customer Care group in the industry