eTrac Mobile

With eTrac, your final mile carriers can stay on the operational system they love. If they do not currently have a system, though, we can provide them with one at no charge.

By providing your final mile carriers who do not have a system with a dispatch platform and driver mobile application, you can guarantee carrier compliance and supply chain visibility.

The eTrac mobile application is free of charge to your final mile carriers, and includes:

  • An Android and iOS version for the most common smart devices
  • Drivers can bring their own devices or the carrier can choose to provide a device for their drivers
  • Complete job information is sent to the driver’s phone
  • Job status updates and signature capture are sent back to the shipper, LTL, 3PL or Freight Forwarder through eTrac
  • Special instructions or notes that are pertinent to completing the transportation move are sent directly to the device
  • Barcode scanning technology for item level detail scanning
  • Signature capture is available for both pickups and deliveries
  • Drivers can enter delay codes or exception codes to record issues that need to be passed back to Dispatch and on to your customer
  • Map review of an address and turn by turn driving directions are possible at the touch of a button in the app
  • Intuitive screens prompt the driver with customized workflows based on the specific customer’s requirements