eTrac Reporting

Complete supply chain visibility not only provides insights into the inefficiencies of your supply chain, but it can provide insight into your customer’s experiences.  

The eTrac Reporting Tool provides the supply chain visibility you need. By aggregating all the data that is flowing through eTrac’s single point of integration, from the final mile carrier to the logistics provider, the reporting tool provides a view into the KPI’s you consider the most important, including but not limited to:

  • On-time deliveries — You can see where your final mile deliveries aren’t making it on time, and who is not getting them there
  • Signatures received — See who is getting the required signatures for packages and who is not
  • Required status message compliance — Multiple updates from agents on the order status, like when the freight is received, when it’s out for delivery, etc.
  • Physical location of where the delivery scan was made — Specifically in the cases where a delivery scan happens at a different location then where the delivery was intended to be completed
  • Over, Short and Damage situations (or OS&D) — when packages are received in excess, packages missing or damaged items

This data can be broken down by geographic area or by carrier to give you a complete picture of your final mile. In addition to the standard dashboards, the reporting tool allows users to stay in control of their data by:

  • Creating custom components and dashboards within the tool
  • Data mining and predictive analysis to find trends and create predictions
  • Drive your business with data-driven decisions

Take control of your final mile with complete supply chain visibility. Contact us to learn more.