Build Your Delivery Network

build-your-networkSeeking out new final mile carriers can be a time consuming and expensive process. Each carrier has a unique offering of service levels, service areas, and capabilities. Then comes the frustration of knowing where to find, selecting, and how to integrate with each carrier.

eTrac provides confidence in your final mile by making the carrier onboarding process a breeze. The eTrac team utilizes decades of final mile experience to help you onboard the best carriers for your business, saving time and money. eTrac is not a broker or reseller — all onboarding assistance is done at no charge to you or the carriers.

eTrac has over 2,000 final mile carriers in the United States and Canada that have joined the free Carrier Partner Program, who are ready to help your products reach the final mile.

When your company is ready to onboard new final mile carriers, you’ll work with our Carrier Partner Coordinator to determine specifics. Your coordinator has decades of final mile experience that will help you decide on service areas, service levels, and other attributes of your ideal carriers.

After the requirements are defined, your Coordinator goes into the eTrac Carrier Partner database to find the carriers that meet your needs. Each carrier who meets your initial requirements is contacted to confirm they are capable of working with your company.

Once this list has been filtered, you’re then provided a list of all the carriers that can meet your needs. With this list, your team is able to select which carriers you’re interested in having further discussions.

Introductory calls between you and the selected carriers are set-up by the eTrac Coordinator. After an introduction is made, the eTrac team steps out, and all negotiations are done directly between you and the carrier. eTrac does not assist in contract negotiations, give preferential treatment to any carriers, nor mark-up any services.

When your team has determined which final mile carriers you’d like to work with and contract negotiations are complete, the eTrac team steps back in to handle all technical integrations between you and the final mile carrier. eTrac works with the carrier’s software provider to verify their integration to yours, saving your technical team time and effort.

Access to over 2,000 final mile carriers is at your fingertips when you join eTrac. Have confidence in your final mile by taking the confusion and expense out of onboarding new carriers.

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